Hall of Taps Update

The Hall of Taps was meant to be a place where I talked about craft beer numbers on a semi-regularly basis.

The hall of taps was meant to be a craft beer hall of fame. With keeping the hall of taps updated, I’ve done a terrible job of doing so. But, that’s hopefully going to change in the coming weeks. Over the past couple weeks I’ve updated 32,000 craft beers as well as their hall rating.

Roughly there are about 250,000 craft beers currently sitting in the hall of taps database. Most of those haven’t been updated in quite sometime. The goal though is update those and start talking craft beer again in the near future.

It’d be cool to start today, I loved looking at Holiday Beers in the hall. I also found it interesting that the current way hall ratings are calculated-hated my favorite IPA.

Incomplete info on the other hand, is unfair. Discounting beers that I haven’t heard of becuase I didn’t do my due-diligence is a disservice to the reason I started the Hall of Taps in the first place.

Hopefully in the next month, I can have the hall of taps updated and completed. My original goal was to have 217 members in the inaugural class of craft beers. I’ve settled onĀ  27, specifically the Top 27 and each year, 27 more will be inducted until I’m sick of doing this gig.

This of course will lead to snubs, other discussions and plenty of room for the hall of taps to grow.



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