Here’s Some Lower-Ranked Craft Beers That We Love

When we formulate the hall of taps, we run into craft beers that might not be ranked very well, but actually well-liked by people. The most notable reason for this would seem that not everyone uses Untappd to check-in and rate the beers they drink.

This post represents some of the craft beers we love but have a hall ranking under 50.

Third Coast Old Ale – Bells Brewery, Michigan – Hall Rating: 25

Third Coast is one of our go-to  Ales when during the Winter when we aren’t sure Ale to get. Surprisingly, Beer Advocate gives it a 4.11/5, which makes it an exceptional beer according to them. Untappd Ratings are less favorable to it, clocking in at 3.79 over 37,164 check-ins accounting for its low Hall Rating. As native Michiganders, we think it’s a worthwhile beer to check out if you have the opportunity.

Two Mad Cows Java Stout – Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery, Michigan – Hall Rating: 12

Java Stouts get a bad reputatuion if you ask us. Blue Tractor is a favorite spot for us when visting Ann Arbor (Sorry ABC…). This beer was on tap for a short time when tried it, but it the hint of coffee flavor and the bitter flavor was enough for us that we took a growler home to have another glass when we wanted to.

Mad Cow Milk Stout -Revolution Brewing, Illinois – Hall Rating: 15

Mad Cow Milk Stout is a brew that we enjoyed while visiting Illinios, it wasn’t overwhelming as some milk stouts and the high ABV made it even more drinkable for us. Beer Advocate gives it a 4.01/5, classifying it as an ‘exceptional’ beer in their spectrum. The Hall Rating isn’t so nice, giving it only a 15 (320 is a perfect Hall Rating), but its a beer that should be ranked better in our opinion.

Double Crooked Tree IPA  – Dark Horse Brewing Co., Michigan – Hall Rating 34

We think Double Crooked Tree is one of the better IPAs in circulation out of Michigan right now. Our go to favorite used to be High Seas IPA from Michigan Brewing Company (now defunct), but this is a favorable comparison. Some might point out All Day IPA is better (it has a better hall rating), but prefer Double Crooked Tree over All Day.

Expedition Stout – Bell’s Brewery , Michigan – Hall Rating: 35

Expedition Stout seems to be one of the more sought after stouts in Michigan, at least that’s the impression we get from craft beer twitter. We certainly enjoy it and find it’s lower hall ranking surprising. Although, its counterpart Bourbon Barrel Aged Expedition Stout has a hall rating of 340. So that might play into people drinking Expedition Stout, they’re looking for Bourbon Barrel Aged Expedition Stout and not just the Expedition Stout.

Neapolitan Milk Stout – Saugutuck Brewing Company, Michigan – hall Rating: 37

The first craft beer we had from Saugutuck Brewing and the one that turned us onto trying other brews from SBC. We enjoy this milk stout over Mad Cow Milk Stout and it’s readily available at stores in Michigan.  Beer Advocate gives it a rating of 3.5/5 ranking it as a ‘very good’ beer in their spectrum. The Hall formula isn’t as generous as beer advocate, something that might need to be looked at. But for now we try to make all check in and ratings equal enough.  So, for now its a lower ranked craft beer that we enjoy.

Dirty Bastard – Founders Brewing Company, Michigan –  Hall Rating: 38

Founders Scotch Ale is considered to be an exceptional beer by Beer Advocate and the Hall doesn’t agree. It’s the only scotch ale we have had, but is one that we keep going back to have mroe of.

So far all of our lower ranked beers have been well recieved at other aggregated rating sites, and looking at the hall formula, we think we uncovered a bug that is going to require a revision of the hall formula. This is why we love looking at craft beer data, we keep finding flaws in our formula.



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