New Hall Rankings

Over the last six months, I have had a chance to update some 250k craft beers into the hall of taps. Yes, 250k beers. Although its a bit deceptive as some of those craft beers are homebrews on Untappd.  As I noted in the last week, I plan on blogging about craft beer data and the hall of taps on a daily basis.  So here’s the first post dedicated to that.

The Hall of Taps main page is going to go through a complete overhaul. Hopefully, within the next month you’ll be able to scour all the data I have. But for now, you’ll have to read my blog posts. I’ve brought down some of the top hall rated beers. No suprise, that Pliny the Elder, Heady Topper and KBS are in the top three. When I talk to other craft beer enthusiasts, one of these three beers generally comes up in conversation.

Anyway, here are some of the top beers based on newly calculated hall ratings.

beername           hallrating
Pliny the Elder   155
Heady Topper  153
Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS)  148
Pliny the Elder 145
Trappist Westvleteren 12 143
Heady Topper 137
Julius 135
Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout 134
Bourbon County Brand Stout (2012) 130
Focal Banger 130
Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout 129
Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS) 128
Hopslam Ale 127
Black Note Stout 126
Bourbon County Brand Regal Rye Stout 126
Parabola 125
Zombie Dust 125
Fat Tire 124
Black Tuesday 124
Abner 123
Fou’ Foune 121
90 Minute IPA 120
Chocolate Rain 119
Two Hearted Ale 119
Lunch 119
Bourbon County Brand Stout Cherry Rye 118
Sculpin IPA 118
Double Galaxy 117
Artaic 117
Speedway Stout (Barrel Aged) 117
120 Minute IPA 117
G-Bot 117
Beatification 116
Grey Monday 116
Barrel Aged Bomb! (2016) 116
Saint Lamvinus 116

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