The Five Best Brews From Michigan

Since its July, and in Michigan that means its craft beer month, we probably should be drinking only beer from there, while lounging down a river enjoy some of the best brews from the Mitten State. I can’t be doing that myself, but I can give you five of the best quality beers that the state has to offer using the hall of taps. First, we’ll look at the five most checked-in beers from breweries in Michigan. Then, we will look at the best beers from Michigan, even if you can’t get them right now (think KBS from Founders).

The five most checked-in Michigan craft beers are as follows:

1.       Two-Hearted Ale (Bell’s Brewery) – 786,802 check-ins

2.       All-Day IPA (Founders Brewing) – 599,494 check-ins

3.       Oberon Ale (Bell’s Brewery) – 439,487 check-ins

4.       Breakfast Stout (Founders Brewing) – 432,563 check-ins

5.       Centennial IPA (Founders Brewing) – 311,985 check-ins.

Founders and Bell’s are the most checked-in breweries from Michigan across all of Untappd users. Now, that doesn’t mean they are for people in Michigan (I would gather that they are even in state), with Founders have 3/5 of the most checked-in craft brews. But does that mean these five beers are the best ones from the state of Michigan? The Hall Rating tells us that the following five brews are the best ones from the state of Michigan:

1.       Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS) (Founders Brewing) – 118.87 Hall Rating

KBS has roughly a third of Centennial IPA’s check-ins coming in at 129,662, which makes sense as it’s a limited release brew from Founders. That doesn’t stop it from being the best craft beer to come out of the Mitten State, clocking an impressive 118.87 Hall Rating.

2.       Canadian Breakfast Stout (Founders Brewing) – 111.31 Hall Rating

CBS has even fewer check-ins than KBS, only 24,655. It’s one of the hardest beers around to find, but it well lives up to the Hype boasting a 4.8 rating on Untapped to go along with an 110+ Hall Rating, showing that just brews drank in mass quantity aren’t necessarily the best.

3.        Hopslam Ale (Bell’s Brewery) – 111.05 Hall Rating

Another limited release craft beer, Hopslam comes in at third but has almost as many check-ins as KBS with 110,035. Many consider it to be Bell’s Flagship Beer (aside from Oberon), it’s a DIPA that is awesome. For a while, I was in love with it and considered it to be the best DIPA around. Moving out west though changed that, but there are still many Untappd users that consider it to be an awesome beer, and it ranks right up there with the best of them in the Hall of Taps.

4.       Two-Hearted Ale (Bell’s Brewery) – 108.16 Hall Rating

My go-to IPA, whenever it’s on tap, and I’ve tried every other beer on tap or in the bottle, it’s the beer I go to when I want something reliable. 786,802 other users have done the same, and none of the top three beers touch it regarding volume, showing that just because a beer has tons and tons of check-ins that doesn’t mean it’s the best beer available. But, the hall rating shows that if you need a beer, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better Michigan beer out there.

5.       Breakfast Stout  (Founders Brewing) – 103.61 Hall Rating

Founders dominate the top five best beers from Michigan with their Breakfast Stout coming in at third posting a 103 Hall Rating complimented by 432,563 total check-ins. The Breakfast Stout series from Founders offers three of the top five Michigan beers.

Of the top five most checked-in Michigan beers only two of them make the top five rated list. First is Bell’s Two Hearted, which is the most checked-in beer from Michigan on Untappd. But, it’s only the fourth best beer, showing that quantity doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best beer you can get. The other brew is Founders’ Breakfast Stout. That is the 4th most checked in beer from Michigan and the 5th highest rated one.


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