The Hall Doesn’t Care For Your Favorite Craft Beer

Everyone has their favorite beer or even the beer that got them into the craft beer scene. We all have a go-to beer, a beer that you can’t be convinced is ‘bad’ or doesn’t ‘taste good. The formula doesn’t care for your favorite craft beer (it might be in some cases). But, for me it doesn’t care at all.

My favorite craft beer will always be High Seas IPA for the Michigan Brewing Company. Several years ago, the Brewery went bankrupt, and the recipes and brewing equipment were sold off.  So imagine my surprise when I found that we had High Seas IPA in the hall. In fact, on Untappd it has 755 check-ins according to our database. Of those 755 check-ins, 545 rated High Seas IPA and ultimately it received a dismal hall rating of 39.04. Holy crap that isn’t all that great of a rating from the hall formula.

Before I moved to LA and discovered Sculpin IPA (this was before it was regularly available in Michigan), there was a “dark period” in my life. High Seas IPA was my all-time favorite IPA. I liked it better than All-Day IPA, better than Two-Hearted. In my mind, there was no comparison.

It was the first IPA I ever had; I fell in love with it. Surely, I wasn’t the only one who loved this IPA. Well, it’s average rating on Untappd is on 3.36, not exactly the greatest average rating. If I had ever rated the brew on Untappd, I can assure you that I would have given it a ‘5.’ It left that much of an impact on me as a craft beer. But when you back drop it against other IPA’s such as Ballast Points Sculpin, it makes sense why it’s hall rating isn’t all that great.

The short of it is, enjoy what beers you enjoy. Read the reviews you want, and make your judgments. Just because it’s not worthy of the hall of taps formula doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy your favorite craft beer any less than you already do.




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