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Today is the first official day of the Hall of Taps. Our goal is to determine the best craft brews objectively out there. Craft beer culture is such a cool place to mingle, over a beer you can discuss which brews you think are best. But, some prefer Stouts over IPAs or find Sours to be the best style. In the discussion, people have a subjective opinion of what they think is the best craft brew (its High Seas IPA from the now defunct Michigan Brewing Company). The more you sit and discuss craft beers, the more you realize just how many there are.

We wanted an objective way to determine the best craft beers that you can find. We found the answer in several inspirations. First, from a field in baseball called Sabermetrics, where sabermetricians use data to find the best baseball players and games using mountains and mountains of data. That’s the biggest inspiration for the Hall.

The second inspiration for the hall is a site called BeerGraphs, whom already are doing statistical analysis on craft brews. They’re doing their own analysis’s, and they seem to do the sort of thing we want to accomplish here. The discovery of BeerGraphs helped us realize that craft beer statistical analysis is possible and worthwhile.

Using mountains of data from Untappd we look for the best craft beers that people are drinking. While tons and tons of people check-in beers like PBR, how do we know that there isn’t a better beer that only a hundred people have drank? Our formula seeks to answer that question.

Our formula isn’t perfect; we’re just getting started on this journey. As we get more data, it’ll grow as well and help us better find good craft brews. We haven’t decided how many beers will go into the hall each year. But, we do know we are going to put beers there each year during American Craft Beer Week.

Once a beer is inducted into our hall of fame, we won’t change its rating. So, if Heady Topper has a hall rating of 50 when its inducted, it’s hall rating will always be that. Inside the hall, you’ll find several things that help us give a deeper analysis of different craft brews.

You’ll find a page for each specific craft beer. On this page, you’ll find where the beer is brewed along with several other items. The hall rating for that specific beer, as well as how it stacks up against the rest of the hall nominees. You’ll then find how that beer compares to other beers from its parent brewery. Also, you’ll find the ABV and IBU of the beer you’re looking at. Lastly, you’ll see a list of comparable beers in hopes you’ll find a new beer to try.

You’ll also find a brewery page, which tells you how that brewery stacks up against other breweries out there. Also, you’ll find the average IBU and average ABV for that particular brewery. You’ll also find a list of beers brewed at that brewery and their respective hall rating.

You’ll find a style page which will tell you how styles like Pale Ale American stacks up compared to other styles that we have rated. In addition, you’ll find the average IBU and ABV of each style as well as a list of beers from that style.

Lastly, you’ll find pages where you can search for beers, or for breweries. Our data is incomplete, but it grows each day and with your help we hope this can become a place to add beers, breweries and discuss beer. Each day we’ll add beers and breweries, but it’s a process. We currently have ranked over 55 thousand beers, and we hope we can discuss each and every one while providing a unique place for craft beer reviews and discussion.

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